History Timeline

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Product details

This History timeline template is useful for demonstrating history — whether it be your company’s performance or from an educational lens. The first two slides in this four-slide history timeline offer colorful, horizontal timelines to present. The template can be modified to match your brand aesthetic. The colors, text and shapes are customizable and editable.

The first slide of the template is a timeline with a lot of text blocks to describe events. You can describe in detail the way your company became a market leader. Also, employees can use this slide when preparing their resume. You will be able to tell a potential employer in detail about your education, held positions in other companies, completed large projects. The second slide will be helpful in putting together your brand story. For example, you can indicate in what year this product was developed, how it first conquered the local market, and then became popular around the world. Also, this slide can be useful in preparing a report on the development of technology. For example, you can indicate in what year the first mobile phone appeared, how its size was further reduced, how smartphones appeared and talk about the prospects for the development of technologies in this direction.

The second two slides in this presentation show off some of the most famous landmarks, iconic buildings and views across the world. These history timelines present well-known architectural buildings across continents. Ideal for tourism, travel and hospitality industries, this timeline incites interest in national symbols, famous attractions and gorgeous international landmarks. You can use this template when preparing your travel stories. Tell which countries and in what year you visited, and then go in detail to the story about each of them. You can also use this slide when preparing a sales plan for your new product in other countries. By using the famous landmarks of each country, you will achieve creativity in your presentation. The next slide can be useful for travel companies that can talk about the development of their business and the countries to which they organize the sending of tourists. Also, this slide can be used when preparing a report and your branches in different countries of the world. The slide will be useful for aviation companies, which can use it in the preparation of promotional materials about the countries to which they operate international flights. Logistics companies can use these slides to educate their potential customers about the possibility of delivering their goods to various countries around the world. You’ll find this template easy to edit, change colors and update text. You can independently edit the size, color and position of objects on the slide to prepare the slides for your corporate requirements. Well-organized, remarkable visual aesthetics, and simple illustrations – your audience won’t be able to take their eyes off of this presentation. History Timeline Template will take its rightful place in your template collection and amaze your audience with gorgeous infographics.