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Many of you leave stickers on the refrigerator in the morning to remind your loved ones to do something or remember to take with you. This practice will also work with presentation slides. If you want your audience to remember an important point or give them a task to submit through your presentation, then nothing better than the custom sticky notes on the power point will do this for you. These come in a wide array of colors and shapes and can be filled with text ranging from just a few words to even a paragraph and not only add beauty to your presentation but also makes the important points stand out, thus helping both you and your audience through it.

The first slide is a few notes, which are divided into five groups – stories, to do, in progress, testing, and done. This slide will primarily be useful to the scrum master when they prepare their weekly sprints. He can indicate user stories, what tasks are in the process, what is sent for testing. At each meeting, the arrangement of the stickers changes and thus the progress of the work is displayed. It is easier for team members to absorb the information and the amount of work remaining. Arranging notes on sticky notes is a common practice in software design. The second slide has several options for notes at its disposal. You can use these notes in your presentations to add appeal and draw the audience’s attention to important aspects of your presentation. The next slide is represented by stickers stylized as weekly sheets. Salespeople can use these stickers to create their own diary of meetings with customers. Travel companies can also use this slide. For example, you can use stickers as testimonials from people who have purchased a tour from you. You can also use the stickers from this slide if you need to draw the audience’s attention to some numbers from your presentation. The last slide has a less strict sticker design and can be used when preparing an advertising campaign report. You can also use these stickers when preparing information about a corporate event. University professors and business coaches will also find these stickers used in their curricula and courses. Bright stickers will help draw attention to important events or dates.

Custom sticky notes are a free power point tool that can be used easily to insert side notes and other such brief points to your important slides exactly how you want. You can also use a collection of these custom sticky notes on the same slide to explain the side step or even the main steps of a process. The usefulness of these for the business presentations cannot be denied at all. Use these sticky notes on the corners of the main slides to either name a person or a company who will have the responsibility of completing a specific step or the deadline for every step you describe and make your presentation a great one. You can independently change the arrangement of blocks and the color scheme of the slides in accordance with your corporate colors. This template will be useful for all project managers, product managers, team leaders and business coaches.