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A Product Comparison unlike a Competitor Analysis provides a simple way to compare product features or the product’s capabilities across multiple products. Undertaking a Product Comparison allows you to determine if your product is on par or has more or different or better features than your competitors’. Determine which products compete directly in the same marketplace as your product. You may want to provide a brief summary of each of these products before commencing the detailed analysis. The summary should include a general product description, its purpose and functionality.

So now that you have got a good understanding of your competitors’ product features, you’ll need to establish and present a conclusion. Part of your conclusion should determine if your product requires additional features. Be mindful not to simply add features because your competitor’s product has more features than your product. It is still important to consider product features in light of your customers’ needs.

Sales managers can use this template in their day to day work. You can use slides when preparing for a meeting with clients. For example, you can compare your product with those of a competitor and point out the advantages of your product and the disadvantages of your competitors. You can also prepare several offers for the client in different price categories and with different functional set.

The slides of this template can be used by marketers and ad professionals in their marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, you can compare your product with similar products and highlight its benefits. Also, this template can be used by logistics managers when comparing different methods of cargo delivery. Engineers can use this template when comparing different manufacturing technologies.

HR managers can use this template when preparing information about corporate competitions between company employees. For example, you can compare the basic skills of each participant. Statisticians and economists can also use this template when preparing benchmarking analyzes. You can prepare information on different indicators at different time periods.

Product managers can use this template when preparing benchmarking analyzes of product characteristics that are planned for release. You can prepare an analysis and determine which product best suits the needs of customers and has the best price. Also, this template can be used when preparing a decision on tender procurement. For example, you can present information on the top two offers of a product in a presentation and make the decision to choose a tender winner much easier by using product comparative analysis.

The product comparison PowerPoint template contains 4 decks of visually appealing infographics. Do comparison between two products against some criteria with the first slide. How the products fare against the criteria can be presented in the content area underneath each criterion. The second slide allows the presenter to compare the products’ cost of subscription and show they fare in the rating department. The third slide elaborate on the product comparison with an infographic. Ratings of the compared products in question against different criteria can be shown with the fourth slide. The user can edit and customize the product comparison template to meet user requirements. Color, text and icons can be modified to suit preference.

Widely used in marketing and product management. Ideal for marketers, strategic planners, business analysts, product managers, etc. Save time and effort on your product comparison presentation with our product comparison Powerpoint template and wow your audience from start to finish.