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It is best to give students plenty of opportunities to practice and master the concepts taught in class. However, structuring such activities is no easy task, as teachers need to take into consideration the need for differentiated instruction and varied learning styles.

Use of Choice Boards is a strategy that can help simplify lesson planning and address learning requirements. It is easy and simple to design and implement in the classroom and can help promote learning, as well as stimulate student motivation and engagement.

Choice boards are graphic organizers that comprise of different amounts of squares. Each square is an activity. The activities help students learn or practice a primary concept, while allowing them a choice. Students can be instructed to choose one or more of these activities to complete. They can progress from one activity to another either in an organized or random order. Choice Boards provide students with the power to choose “how” to learn a particular subject or concept. This freedom encourages them to be more responsible, accountable and independent in their learning. It also allows them to work on the activities at their own pace.

The boards are useful for teachers as it enables them to identify and use student interests and preferences to stimulate active learning and student engagement. The board should revolve around a particular concept or learning goal and each activity is structured to stimulate learning, practice or mastery of that subject.

The first step in designing a Choice Board is to identify the core concept or academic goal that the students need to complete. Second, plan the activities so that it provides students with a variety of mediums or methods for learning the concept. To do this, first identify the students’ interests, preferences and even levels of readiness. The activities can be different levels of complexity and can be arranged on the board in an increasing order of difficulty.

Additional instructions for each task can be included and students are instructed to perform the tasks either as individual activities or in groups. One square can also be a “free choice” allowing students to create and perform an activity of their own choice. Use of Choice Boards help to improve student motivation, engagement and learning by empowering them to learn to the best of their ability.

Choice Board template contains four professional templates. This template will primarily be useful for teachers when preparing various courses for students. You can invite the students to select assignments. Also, this template will be useful when teaching children in kindergartens. This template will be useful for HR managers when preparing corporate trainings for company employees. Team leaders can use this template when preparing for weekly sprints and approving user stories. Also, this template can be used by business trainers in their training programs. The Choice Board template will be a worthy addition to your collection of educational presentations.