100 Day Plan

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Are you the new leader and you have 100 days to realize your strategy? You have already prepared an action plan for these first 100 days, but you don’t know how to make your report accessible for understanding? How to display all these numbers and goals in a beautiful way? These are not easy tasks. But they are solvable. 100 Day Plan Template is the answer to your questions.

How can this template help me? How is this one better than others? So, let’s go gradually, as in your plan. The first slide immediately draws the attention of the audience to your plan. On the left side are the main goals of your plan. Here you can also indicate the readiness of the project and its implementation in percentage. Further clearly written what you will do for 25, 50, 75, 100 days. On the right side are the main goals. The arrow that rises from the bottom adds dynamics to this slide and your plan. The second slide is a graph that shows the main stages of implementing your strategy. As you can see, the first stage is already completed, the second is 80% complete. The following steps will be performed sequentially after the completion of the second phase. Also, on the abscissa axis is the runtime of each phase. On the ordinate axis, the percentage complete strategy. It is very convenient for perception and allows you to remove extra numbers and tables. The third slide repeats the previous one to some extent. Its difference is that there is no percentage of plan implementation and deadlines for each stage. This slide contains more infographics, color schemes, and icons. It is more suitable for you if you do not have all the numbers and you still do not fully understand the deadlines at each stage. The next slide is presented in the form of a timeline on which the main stages of your plan are placed – preparatory, 1-30 days, 30-60 days, and 60-100 day. Below each phase, there are blocks with colored markers. Here you can describe in detail the actions you plan to take at each stage of your plan.

What about the design? This presentation is dominated by cool colors, especially blue. This color gives confidence to the words of the speaker. That is why this color dominates the overall color scheme. The absence of red color and its shades has a beneficial effect on the perception of information in a positive light. Since everyone knows that red is the color of danger and anxiety. Modern infographics complement the overall style of this template. Its diversity allows you to it an element of dynamics, which is so necessary for the approval of good plans. Cast aside your doubts if you still have them, and proceed to implement your plan with our 100 Day Plan Template.