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A project status report is an analytical tool that collects information on the current state of your project. They are used to capture the project’s current progress, which then allows you to communicate that data to the team, project manager and stakeholders in the form of charts and graphs.

Status reports are taken repeatedly, throughout every phase of the project’s execution, as a means to maintain your schedule and keep everyone on the same page. A successful project status template gives you historical data, so the next time you are planning a similar project, you can avoid any missteps or bottlenecks. A status report is designed to serve all these needs.

Project management software facilitates the project status process and provides greater data to share via project status reporting. Project management experts recommend a weekly status report (WSR) for immediate team members and stakeholders, a monthly or bi-monthly status report for high-level managers and stakeholders, and a periodic, ultra-high-level status report for CEOs, directors, and others who want to see highlights and top wins.

The weekly project status report should include as much pertinent detail as possible and contain more detail than reports delivered to other audiences. The goal of the weekly project status report is to give those most involved in the project a thorough view of how the project is progressing. The report tracks the budget, indicates milestones, enumerates risks, etc.

A monthly or bi-monthly project status report can help higher-level managers feel engaged and in control of projects that their project managers are running. Higher-level managers are interested in tracking the budget, the spend, the quality of deliverables, and the nature of risks or roadblocks.

If your company and teams are handling multiple ongoing and overlapping projects, it is also useful to create a separate team and resources status report. The audience for this report includes resource managers, team directors, and others managing various types of resources. This report should capture the work of different resources. It should also indicate when resources are due to roll off or join the project. This report gives resource managers insight into when their staff members may be devoting more or fewer hours to your project, so they can allocate resources appropriately.

The Status Report template will be useful for project managers in their daily work. This template contains everything you need to professionally present your project data as a presentation. You can submit information about several projects at once.

Also, this template can be used by logistics managers when preparing a report on the movement of various consignments of raw materials from different suppliers. Construction companies can use the slides in this template when preparing a report on the planned commissioning date of residential buildings or storage facilities. The product owner and team leaders can use this template’s slides in weekly sprints with the development team. You can independently change the size, colour and position of the slide blocks according to your needs.