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Each of us has repeatedly faced a problem when we forgot to do something. This could have happened at work or outside of business hours. For example, let’s say you come back from the supermarket and find that you forgot to buy some essential items for your party tomorrow. To solve this problem, you can make lists. Whether you need to schedule an event or manage a project, the list will help you prioritize and track your progress. By making a list of all the necessary steps in one place, you can break your goal down into small chunks and organize your time accordingly. Lists have been around since the early twentieth century when they were introduced as a way to improve productivity. The vast majority of people will probably admit to using them at least from time to time, both at work and in everyday life. A few years ago, it was very common to have weeklies in which all the information needed was entered. Now many have changed their paper diaries for special mobile applications. Also, lists are used when preparing presentations when you need to convey to your audience the main topics of the presentation. Lists help us structure data and not burden listeners with unnecessary information. A well-crafted list keeps your report concise and professional.

The List Template is made in vibrant colours with lots of infographics. The four slides included in this template provide you with the complete set of tools you need to successfully complete your list. The first slide will be useful when creating a summary of your presentation or business plan. You can also use it to send out key questions for an upcoming meeting. The next slide contains four main blocks. You can describe the main stages of developing your strategy or project. The third slide is presented as a stylized table consisting of nine blocks. This slide can be used to provide data on the interactions and responsibilities of each department while working on a large project. The last slide can be used by financiers and economists. For example, you can indicate the main expense items that are present in the enterprise. At the same time, you can display variable costs at the top of the slide, and fixed costs at the bottom. This structure will allow you to visually separate costs by the group. The List Template can be used as a guideline when checking the machine before starting work. For example, inspect the machine from all sides to make sure there is no damage. Measure the oil and coolant level. Switch on the machine and make sure that hazard indicators are not displayed on the display. The slides of this template can be used by safety personnel. List Template will organically complement your old presentations and will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.