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Whether you have to plan an event or manage a project, a to do list helps you set priorities and track your progress. By listing out all the necessary steps in one place, you can break down your goal in small, bite-sized chunks and organize your time accordingly. To-Do lists have reportedly been around since the early twentieth century when they were introduced as a way to improve productivity. The vast majority of people would probably admit to using them at least from time to time as a way of managing their workload and flow. There are some simple ways in which you can write to-do lists that help you to achieve more – have more than one list, keep your daily or weekly lists manageable, break tasks down into smaller steps, and be as precise as possible, keep your list up to date. To Do List Template will be useful to absolutely everyone. In any area of ​​production and services, employees are faced with the tasks that they have to do every day.

The four slides that come with this template provide you with the complete toolbox you need to get your to-do list in a hurry. The first sheet is presented in the form of four main tasks. On the right side, you can mark completed tasks. For example, team leaders might use this slide in their daily meetings. The second slide presents a table where you can specify the task title, short description, deadline. This slide can be used as a reminder of scheduled appointments and job interviews. The next slide provides a great tool for managing your to-do list. What is this instrument? You can display your tasks by dividing them into categories – low priority, medium priority, a high priority. Also, this slide makes it possible to indicate the progress of the task – to do list, progress list, completed list. This slide can be used in a warehouse in preparation for the shipment of several types of goods. Warehouse workers can see how many positions have already been selected, what is left, and what is in the process. This will help the warehouse manager to properly distribute the load. The last slide is presented as two lists. This is very convenient if you are running several projects in parallel. This slide will definitely be useful for project managers.

By changing the name of the columns or rearranging them, you can easily build the perfect template for your business. This template can be used as a guide when checking the machine before starting work. For example, inspect the machine from all sides to make sure there is no damage. Measure the oil and coolant levels. Switch on the machine and make sure that hazard indicators are not displayed on the display. The slides in this template can be used by safety personnel. To Do List Template is a stylish and professional template that includes a variety of tools to apply it to a variety of business areas.