Agile F1 Roadmap Template

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4 Slides
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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

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Speed, agility and performance. For years, Formula One has been the hallmark of innovation and agility. For years, F1 has been implementing Agile methodology. F1 works on rapid prototyping and product development within incredibly tight time constraints. Formula one builds a prototype, tests it, learns something from that test and continues to test again. This is the epitome of how Agile should be done and this template is the best visual approach for understanding this methodology.

This PowerPoint template has four design variations. Each slide provides circuit facts, race location, time, length, turns, capacity and FIA grades. You can also distinguish race lap records, temperatures during GP weekends, and year-over-year changes. The templates are ideal for high-level detail, as well as providing granular information on each race and Formula 1 driver. Now you can appreciate the engineers, operations and technical teams that are involved in making the F1 sporting events a reality.