Sales Roadmap

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Sales roadmaps visualize the strategies and initiatives sales teams will use to hit their targets. While sales reps focus on nurturing individual opportunities, a sales roadmap zooms out from specific deals and pipelines, showing the big picture of an entire sales organization. Sales leaders use roadmaps to communicate their goals and plans to other departments, including marketing, product or operations. Sales roadmaps are especially valuable for global sales teams—they show how different regions will work together to achieve organizational growth. As sales teams grow and expand, a sales roadmap ensures each team member is aligned to the wider vision not only of the sales department, but the entire company.

The sales roadmap cannot fulfill the exact same function at every business stage. Just like we stress that product roadmaps are statements of intent, a sales roadmap also embodies that philosophy. As your sales needs change with business growth, your sales roadmap has to change too to reflect those changes.

This well laid out and easy to digest set of roadmap slides will set your Sales planning on a new high. The visuals seamlessly illustrate the vision for your sales department and how you intend to achieve your company’s sales objectives and targets.

Deliberately kept visually enticing to look like a busy roadmap without overcrowding the slides with plain text. Also, room for you to add particular roadmap deliverables and high-level details on how you will achieve your sales agenda.

This template will be primarily useful for sales managers. You can use the slides of this template when preparing a sale plan. For example, you can describe in detail what actions are required from the marketing department to ensure product recognition, in what period the advertising campaign should take place so that sales managers can most effectively sell the company’s product.

Also, this template will be useful for startup managers when preparing a company development plan or launching a new product to the market. You can prepare a sales roadmap using the slides in this template. Business trainers and university educators can use this template when preparing courses on effective sales or introducing a new product to market.

Investment companies can also use this template in their day to day work. You can use the slides of this template for investment attractive companies. CEOs can also use the slides from this template when preparing for a strategy session or meeting with company shareholders.

Sales Roadmap template consists of six slides that contain a lot of infographics and all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. If necessary, you can independently change the color, size and position of infographics and images according to your corporate needs. This template will organically complement your old presentations and will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.