Product Roadmap Template

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Product details

A product roadmap maps out the vision and strategic objectives for a product in a visual way, making it easier for development teams to share and collaborate. It displays priorities and details how everyone will deliver against the vision and strategy.

A roadmap also makes it easier for other product stakeholders to understand the most up-to-date status, how features are being prioritized, the long-term direction of travel, and the plan for execution.

By helping everyone involved understand how their input fits into the bigger picture, a product roadmap helps keep teams aligned, on-track, and focused on the right things.

Product roadmaps are typically used in software development, but their core benefits — easier collaboration, better progress tracking, and visualization of the product strategy — can be useful in almost any business setting.

Progress-based roadmaps are often used in agile development as they aren’t restricted by dates and timelines. Generally speaking, they offer teams more flexibility as tasks are tracked based on progress rather than strict deadlines.

Time-based roadmaps can be an excellent method for visualizing how a product has progressed — and will advance further — over time. Time-based roadmaps divide tasks according to dates, milestones and deadlines.

Creating a new product or managing its lifecycle is a complex endeavor requiring multiple skill sets, careful allocation of time and resources, and alignment between technical and non-technical stakeholders. A product roadmap ties the day-to-day work of product teams to the company’s vision for both the product and the wider business.

This template will be useful for project managers. You can use it when preparing for a new project. For example, you can present in detail the stages of the project, the responsible persons and the deadlines for the completion of work at each stage. Software developers can use this template when collaborating and distributing work among team members.

Engineers can use this template when preparing a retooling plan for production lines. You can describe the sequence of processes and the timing of each step. Logistics managers can use this template when describing the supply chain of equipment from the start of production, assembly of units and delivery of finished equipment by various modes of transport.

University professors can use this template when preparing courses on project management or planning workflows in manufacturing. This template can also be used by startup executives when preparing for a meeting with investors. You can describe your strategy for launching a new product, describe possible risks and how to eliminate them.


You have your sights set on a robust product portfolio – a diverse range of products and services that meet the needs of your diverse customer base. How do you communicate the steps required to achieve these goals? How do you convey the milestones for building and launching this robust product portfolio? This professionally designed product roadmap template does a fantastic job of displaying the high-level efforts that you need to complete in order to achieve your goals.

Available in five design variations, each roadmap expands on the visual metaphor of a route. You can distinguish major milestones in you product launches, relay data points associated with product strategy and consumer demographics. This product roadmap template is colorful, completely customizable to your business needs and the perfect presentation tool for investors, clients, and internal executive meetings.