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Песо́чные часы́ — простейшее устройство для отсчёта промежутков времени, состоящее из двух прозрачных сосудов, соединённых узкой горловиной, один из которых частично заполнен песком. Время, за которое песок через горловину пересыпается в другой сосуд, может составлять от нескольких секунд, до нескольких часов.

The hourglass PowerPoint template can be used to present and educate your audience about time management and project planning. Our ready-made hourglass template can be used for presentations in marketing and other business processes.

The first slide contains a sand clock with 80% top and 20% bottom which is also illustrated with the side progress bar. A comparison is done between two entities in the second slide with a series of color-coded text layout in the hourglass.

You can display information with a line chart per category as shown in the third slide. All text placeholders are customizable.

The last slide presents 4 different sand clocks in a row with different time measurement in percentage.

The hourglass template is ideal for project risk management software, marketing,  customer order management, and time management. Used by strategic planners, business analysts, operation managers, project managers, team leads.

This template will be useful for crisis managers when preparing a strategy to improve the company’s financial condition. This template will also be useful for project managers when discussing project deadlines with team members. You can describe in detail the timing of projects and indicate activities that will help to complete the project on time.

University teachers and business coaches can use this template when preparing courses. For example, you can use the slides in this template when explaining the basic principle of the Pareto rule or preparing time management materials.

Human Resources Managers can use this template when preparing corporate competitions and quizzes. Also, this template will be useful for financial analysts when preparing an analysis of the financial performance of a company by key indicators in different periods of time.

Social media professionals can use the slides of this template when preparing advertising posts on various social networks. Marketers can use this template when preparing a new product-to-market strategy. Environmentalists can use the slides in this template when preparing materials on environmental degradation and global warming. For example, you can use an hourglass infographic to show your audience that a problem needs to be addressed immediately.

This template has all the tools you need to build a modern and professional presentation. If necessary, you can independently change the size and color of infographics, type and location of fonts in accordance with your corporate requirements. Hourglass Template will organically complement and update your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.