3 Year Plan

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Although some small businesses manage to grow successfully without a formal business plan, creating a business plan for the short term serves two valuable purposes. A three-year business plan helps you focus on the steps you need to take get your business up, running and growing. The plan communicates to outsiders the nature and seriousness of your undertaking. This is especially important for fundraising purposes. A lender is unlikely to extend credit to a new business without reviewing a plan for the first few years of operation.

Include a compelling description of what it is, exactly, you plan to do.  Lay out the features of your business that will help it to stand out in a crowded market and draw in customers who usually have plenty of other options to choose from. Make clear, to yourself as well as to others, what the competitive advantage of your business is. Your first year startup operations will look different from a more mature venture during your third year. Lay out the key steps to your transition over time.

A fact of life for most new businesses is that you have to spend money before you begin to make money. Your plan should carefully and realistically account for the anticipated expenses to start up and then operate your business, as well as the income you expect as sales begin and then grow over time. Your financial projections will form the basis of any requests you make to funders for loans or investments in your operations.

Business plans vary in content according to their intended purposes, but the basic format remains the same. It consists of three elements: First, discuss the business model and describe your products and services. Then place the business in its industry and discuss your intended marketplace, including your target customers and how you’ll reach them, beating your competition. Last, relate these plans to the real world, discussing your contingency plans and finishing off with spreadsheets detailing your anticipated sales, costs of doing business and resulting profits.

This template will be primarily useful for startups in preparation for meeting with investors. You can describe in detail the estimated expenses and income for the next three years. Using the fourth slide of this template, you will be able to represent your milestones in the form of a Gantt chart.

Also, this template will be useful for business leaders when preparing for a strategic session with company shareholders. You will be able to present in detail the development plan of your company and the movement of financial flows. Also, crisis managers can use this template when preparing a strategy for getting a company out of a crisis situation.

This template consists of four professional slides, each with its own unique infographic. If necessary, you can independently change the color and size of infographics, type and size of fonts in accordance with your corporate requirements. This template’s slides will organically complement and update your old presentations. The 3 Year Plan template will be a great addition to your collection of professional presentations.