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Give up good for great, by analyzing the gaps in your business growth. Gap analysis is a system that the most successful companies use to prevent pitfalls and ensure lasting success. Gap analysis is not a one-time exercise, but a continuous process. Now, with our simple-to-use template, gap analysis is easier to execute on a more frequent basis.

Our gap analysis template will help you adopt a well-established and methodical approach to assess the difference between where your company performance is today versus the ideal position it strives to be in. Assessing the gap with a comprehensive root cause analysis template and remedies between the current state and desired state will highlight what needs to be done to achieve a company’s ideal scenario.

Use these premium gap analysis template slides to highlight the gap and showcase why this gap exists with the complimentary 5 whys template. You can then explore what the possible remedies are to solutionize a proposal to treat the current problems.  These slides are extremely easy to edit from graphics, charts to colors. Download and start using right away!