Situational Analysis

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Situational analysis is regarded as the methods employed by project managers to analyze both the internal and external environment of their organization. The knowledge gleaned from the critical evaluation of these environments in an organization is then used to determine the current state of the organization, its opportunities, and its challenges. It is worthy to note that the situational analysis template allows you to draft your situational analysis report with ease.

This template comprises of four slides. The first slide of the template includes the corporate mission and objectives of the organization. It also provides information about the external and internal environments of the organization. The other slides of the situational analysis template provide more information concerning the environments of the organization.

Furthermore, the text font employed in this  template is easy to read and understand for both new recruits and professionals. The situational analysis template also employs colors that are convenient to see without having to strain one’s eyes. These colors also function by distinguishing one feature or character from the other.

If you want to conduct a situational analysis of your organization, you may want to employ situational analysis templates.