Swiss Cheese Model

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We always take precautions and maintain proper safety procedures during working, but accidents do inevitably happen. But many questions related to these accidents may come to our mind like why do accidents happen? From where do they originate? 

The Sweet Cheese Model is an ideal model that is implemented in risk management and analysis in the section like engineering, healthcare, a foundation for layered security, safety of the aviation, computer security and defense. 

The Swiss cheese model is a theoretical assumption that is used in risk management, risk analysis, and risk prevention before any accident. Any component of an organization is considered as a cheese slice of this model. Management, resource allocation, efficient safety program, operational support all are considered as a part of the cheese slice.

If there are any flaws or deficiencies in the cheese slices of an agency or organization, then there will be a hole in those slices. If there is a line up of the holes within each slice of an enterprise, it leads to the creation of one big hole instead of small ones, thus causing an accident. Big holes are formed due to the ignorance of one weakness into another.

Accidents happen due to confluence of one or more than one factors. The accidental factors can vary from organizational errors to unsafe acts of an individual. Most of the accidents are caused due to latent errors that are lying dormant and are waiting to be activated by several errors. To avoid accidents and to save humans from any operational errors, it is essential to install highly maintained and the latest systems to mitigate manual errors.

Active Errors or failures are the unprotected acts that are committed by mankind. An example of active failure is an employee who decides not to follow the safety measures during cleaning debris that are flammable from a working machine. But according to the theory of the Swiss Cheese Model, active errors are not the eventual source of the accidents. 

According to the Swiss cheese model, accidents occur due to windows of negative opportunities or weaknesses. These weaknesses are open in all levels of the production system, allowing a chain of events starting at the higher levels of the structure and moving down.

This template will primarily be useful to health and safety professionals. You can use the slides in this template to describe the potential risks to your company if safety rules are not followed.

Also, crisis managers can use this template when identifying weaknesses in the company and preparing measures to eliminate them.

Swiss Cheese Model is a professional and modern template that contains four stylish and fully editable slides. You can independently change the size and type of fonts, position and size of infographics according to your corporate requirements. This template will be useful for analysts, financiers, company executives and startups. Swiss Cheese Model template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.