Competitive Profile Matrix

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The Competitive Profile Matrix is ​​a strategic analysis that allows you to compare your company to your competitors, in such a way as to reveal your relative strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, different organizations will have different strengths and weaknesses, for example, while one organization might have the best cost base due to its superior supply chain, another might have the best quality product, whilst yet another organization might have the best customer service. The advantage of a Competitive Profile Matrix is ​​that it allows you to rank you and your competitors against each other in terms of the total package you bring to the marketplace.

The Competitive Profile Matrix template consists of four slides, each with its own unique structure and infographics. The first slide is a table that allows you to compare your strengths and weaknesses to your competitors. This analysis will allow you to determine in which direction you need development so that you can win the competitor’s customers. If necessary, you can edit the names of the blocks and use the slide when preparing other reports. For example, you can use this slide when preparing tasks for your employees or preparing key points for discussion in a weekly meeting. The second slide gives you the opportunity to compare your company with competitors by calculating overall ratings for all parameters important to the consumer. For example, an uninterrupted supply of goods, price, quality of goods, warranty service is important for consumers. Your company may lose to competitors in price, but in other parameters it significantly exceeds them. In the end, you will score more points, since all four parameters are important to customers. The next slide gives you the opportunity to demonstrate whether a product has a particular option. For example, you can showcase a comparative analysis of your company’s TVs and competitors. The last slide allows you to show the overall rating and rating for each dimension separately. This approach will allow the audience to easily understand complex analytics. You can focus on the key parameters that need to be improved and indicate how many points you are losing to competitors.

Competitive Profile Matrix template will be useful to all sales managers, development managers, and company directors. Also, this template can be used by startups and investment companies when preparing information about a new product. You can indicate the potential advantages of a future product over competitors’ products. You can use this template when preparing to benchmark analysis for each type of advertising – TV, press, radio, social media. Travel firms can use the slides of this template to analyze the provision of different services to tourists by hotels with different service levels. You can easily change the colors and font size, placement of blocks, and graphs. The slides in this template will complement your old presentations and breathe new life into them. A Competitive Profile Matrix template is a must have for all commercial and marketing directors.