Competitive Landscape

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A competitive landscape is a complete description of competitors and their relative position at a particular market. It is a strategic marketing concept that applies to the conditions of competition and rivalry that a company and its products have to face at the market they are part of. Every company should monitor its competitive landscape. This involves embracing information about each of its participants, their products, prices, market share, current strategies and main strengths and weaknesses. Since the company is not alone in the market, it is indispensable to understand who the rivals are and how they usually perform with the purpose of improving its own market position. Direct and indirect competitors should be identified and analyzed. This valuable information will support decision makers when defining and evaluating company strategies. The analysis should start by defining the relevant market. Only similar products should be considered as competitors or substitutes. As the company increases the number and variety of products and lines the competitive landscape will become more complex.

Competitive Landscape template consists of four sites made in the original dark theme. Slides of this template immediately grab the audience’s attention with their non-standard color scheme. The first slide gives you an opportunity to indicate your position in a competitive environment. You can also indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your product or company as a whole. On the left side of the slide, you can list your main competitors. This slide is primarily for startups. You will be able to point out to potential investors the strengths of the new product. The second slide gives you the opportunity to display the logos of your competitors’ companies on the graph. You can change the size of the logo to show the importance of the competitor. This slide can be used by marketers and sales analysts in their daily work. The next slide helps you display the annual sales dynamics of your competitors and indicate the percentage of market share for each of them. The slide will also be useful for economists and financiers. The last slide presents tables for several competitors. You can provide an analysis of your competitive environment in terms of indicators that are important to you. The slide will be useful for developers of new products and services. You can display additional features compared to the basic package for each of your service packages.

Competitive Landscape Template will organically complement your slides on the topic of a new product release or competitor analysis. All slide objects, fonts and color scheme can be changed by you if necessary. This template will be useful for business trainers and educators when preparing courses on competitive analysis. This slide can also be used by product managers when preparing a comparative analysis of competitors’ products. The slides from this template can be used to prepare your business plan presentation.