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Here is a simple format that will let you make your recommendation in slides. What is the problem? How is the problem impacting the audience? Answering these two questions is critical. No one cares about your recommendation if he or she doesn’t believe there is a problem that is worth fixing. Stating the cause is also critical. This sets up the recommendation. If the cause of an attrition problem is low salaries, then your recommendation should be to increase salaries. Sometimes people jump from the problem to the solution. That is a mistake. More importantly, when you state the cause clearly, your audience will predict the recommendation before you even get to it. When that happens, you will almost always win them over. State your recommendation simply as a ten or fewer word statement starting with “We should” or “We recommend”. Then provide 3-5 high level statements of evidence to support your recommendation. What benefits will we see if the recommendation works? Tie this back to both the problem and impacts. A good recommendation should resolve the problem. Don’t forget to remind people of that. Are there any data that do not support the recommendation? Why would you want to provide data that do not support your recommendation? It keeps you honest. No solution is perfect. It is ethical. Your decision-maker should be given all of the relevant information necessary to make a decision. It gives you credibility. After you provide the data that do not support the argument, you need to explain why your recommendation is still valid. The good news is that this is the part most people get right. The bad news, is that often, this is the part that we focus on the most. Next steps are important. But, before you get to them, make sure you’ve convinced your audience that your idea is worthwhile.

The first slide gives you the opportunity to describe the problem, provide a brief analysis and recommendations. This slide consists of five text blocks and colorful infographics. You can use this slide when preparing an advertising campaign. For example, you describe a problem and suggest your new product as one of the solutions. The next slide will be useful for marketers and social media promoters. This slide has a vibrant color scheme and lots of text boxes. You can use this slide when preparing an analytical report on the qualities of a new product, the attitude of the audience to it, the volume of the sales market, and advertising distribution channels. The third slide will be useful for auditing and financial companies. The slide gives you the opportunity to present your firm audit recommendations in a form accessible to the audience. The last slide is presented as a template for conducting a business analysis of a firm. The Recommendation Slides template is easy to edit and combine with other slides in your presentation. This template will be useful for economists and financiers, department heads and startups, consulting firms and business trainers.