PowerPoint Stopwatch

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Many people who run are familiar with such a tool as a stopwatch. With the help of a stopwatch, we can determine if our result has improved compared to the previous race. After all, you must admit if there was no measuring instrument, it would be impossible to determine our performance. This is why many companies have adopted this device in their business and marketing presentations. What infographic is the best to use when preparing a monthly or quarterly report when the final results for the year are not yet clear? Stopwatch, of course. You seem to stop time and analyze the economic and financial performance of your company. This approach gives you the opportunity to analyze your subtotals at each stage. This is the only way to understand whether everything is going according to plan or if there are any failures. That way, you can make timely adjustments to your plan and set your business on the right track. You can check if your results are in line with planned profit margins, variable costs, customer growth or sales. Many managers use the time slice model at various stages of the plan’s implementation. Using a stopwatch infographic to prepare your subtotal presentation allows you to draw the audience’s attention to your report.

The Powerpoint Stopwatch template consists of four slides in a cool color scheme. The first slide gives you the opportunity to provide information in four categories. For example, you can describe categories such as Social Value, Impact Investing, Financial Value, Environmental Value. This slide will be useful for product managers and planners. The next slide gives you the opportunity to show the distribution of time across multiple activities in the same workflow. For example, you can describe how much time the auxiliary processes take, preparatory work, main work, control and measurement of the part, cleaning the workplace when working on a lathe. The third slide will be helpful in preparing any sequential process. For example, you can use this slide to prepare the assembly process for an aggregate. This slide will also be useful for business trainers and course teachers when developing courses on the topic of time management. The last slide allows you to plan a conference or work trip. You can prepare a meeting plan for two days. This slide will be useful for managers and employees who went on a business trip. If necessary, you can change the color, size and position of the blocks according to your corporate style. This template will also be useful in developing performance targets for each repetitive manufacturing operation. The stopwatch infographics will fit perfectly with the timing of operations. The template will also be useful for sports coaches and journalists when preparing reports on sports events. Powerpoint Stopwatch Template can be used with any of your other presentations.