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Body Mass Index, also known as BMI is a reliable indicator of body fatness for people. The Purpose of the BMI Chart is to screen individuals for weight categories that may lead to health problems. Therefore, helping people to keep track of their health, weight and avoid fatal diseases. BMI chart is very easy to use. The best part is that the people, themselves can evaluate their Body Mass Index without the dependence on any medical supervision. This BMI chart PowerPoint Template is designed keeping the same target. Particularly specified for medical use, this BMI Chart can be utilized in a variety of Ways. Researchers, Medical Tests, Presentations, Pharmaceuticals, – everything.

BMI Chart template provides you with a tremendous opportunity to determine the risks of being overweight or underweight. The first slide of this template consists of a special table. At the top of this table, you can see the scale with weights in pounds. The side of the table is represented by a scale in inches. You can determine your BMI yourself. Your BMI will be located at the intersection of your height and weight lines. On the right side of the slide, you will find which category you belong to. This slide is very easy to use. For example, you can add it to your weight loss program and send a promotional leaflet to potential patients. The second slide is presented in the form of a color chart, each color of which corresponds to its own weight category – underweight, normal, overweight, obese. This slide can be used in hospitals to prepare patient screening results. You can also use this slide to prepare user information in the gym. The next slide has an infographic in the form of weights, which is divided into colored blocks. This slide can also be used by nutritionists when designing their weight loss programs. For example, you can prepare this slide for a specific patient and prescribe diet and exercise for subsequent ones. The client will understand complex numbers more easily when combined with infographics. Also, companies that produce healthy and wholesome food can use this slide. You can indicate the percentage of the population that is overweight due to unhealthy and unhealthy fast food. The last slide can be used by fitness trainers when promoting their weight loss programs. This slide is more suitable for a female audience and will attract their attention with its beautiful infographics. This slide will motivate your athletes to do their best during training.

Consisting of 4 slides, this BMI Chart PowerPoint template is very compact and state of the art. The template is designed in a modern style and meets the standards of professional presentation. With infographics, percentage data, gender-wise weight separations, doodle art, graphical representations, comparison bar charts, scales diagram and color indicators. If necessary, you can independently change the sizes, colors and types of fonts, sizes of infographics and text blocks. Green, Blue, Orange, and Red. So that people can be instantly categorized for Normal, Underweight, Overweight and Obese categories respectively. The separate dialogue boxes are also present for writing custom descriptions. Since the BMI Chart PowerPoint Template is entirely customizable. The template will primarily be useful for nutritionists, trainers, fitness trainers and companies that produce healthy and natural foods.