Clock Face

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Each of us at least once in his life was late for work or an important meeting, did not have time to complete the work on time, or did not have time to complete the tasks planned for the day. Scheduling tasks for the day can significantly reduce the risk of not completing tasks. When planning, you need to properly prioritize tasks and calculate the time required to complete each task. It is for these purposes that time management is intended. One of the time management tools is our premium Clock Face diagram. This tool allows you to properly organize your time and visualize tasks throughout the day. The template provides you with various tools to help you plan your work day and not miss out on important appointments.

The template consists of four slides, each of which contains a different number of blocks, and is intended for a specific industry or training course. The first slide consists of three blocks – breakfast, lunch, dinner. This slide can be used by dietitians or trainers when preparing their courses. You can specify separate dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also display a set of vitamins and nutrients that you need to consume in order to build muscle mass. The third slide gives you the opportunity to plan your tasks for the day. This slide will be useful for executives, sales managers, marketers, and team leaders when planning their day. You can group your tasks into blocks and track the progress of tasks throughout the day. For example, you can specify which clients you have appointments with in the morning and lunchtime, what reports you need to prepare at the end of the working day, what purchases you need to make on your way home, and what movies or books to watch in the evening. The last slide of the template presents a detailed action plan for analyzing a problem or drawing up an action plan. This slide can be used by analysts and financiers when building their business models. Also, this slide can be used to prepare instructions for working with the equipment.

The Clock Face template is designed with the latest design trends in mind and provides you with a complete set of tools for building a task plan. You can independently change and make adjustments to all blocks, texts and infographics of the template. Primary school teachers can use this template when preparing a lesson on the topic of time. Also, the template slides can be used by business coaches and university teachers in the preparation of courses on time management, project management, and business process optimization. The slides in this template will complement your old presentations so you can build a modern and stylish deck. This template is a must-have for project managers and team leaders. You will be able to use this template in weekly sprints, when discussing delivery times and work completion.