Deployment Process

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Software deployment is the process of delivering completed software to the client who ordered it or rolling out the software to consumers. Software deployment should only take place after thorough testing to ensure that all the flaws and bugs have been identified and fixed.

It is usually a planned initiative that consists of different steps or stages that occur in the production of operational software.

For instance, in the world of web development, deployment does not mean being released to the public. Rather, it means moving the software to a server where it is placed into action. This can be done prior to final testing before a release to the public or the client for whom the software is being developed.

In short, deployment varies significantly from one case to another. In a more generic sense, it basically means to get your software ready for actual use. A great deal will depend on your development life cycle, and where the software is at during that cycle.

In its strictest sense, software deployment refers to the release of the final version of the software or an app to either a customer or the general public. This takes place at the end of the life cycle, but prior to the start of maintenance. 

Set up a process while you deploy new software. A checklist helps you to comprehend what must be done next so that you will not miss out on any of the crucial steps of the deployment process.

Deployment is not the last stage of the software development life cycle. The reason for this is that there is simply no way to catch all bugs and flaws during testing. Maintenance is the final step of the life cycle, and this is when remaining fixes will be delivered. It is also when additional features or functions might be introduced, and updates to the software made.

Software development teams that streamline the process of building, testing and deploying new code can respond more quickly to customer demand with new updates and deliver new features more frequently.

IT companies can use the slides in this template when preparing application deployment instructions. You can describe in detail all the steps and necessary actions that will lead to the successful completion of the deployment process.

Team leaders can use the slides in this template as they prepare to discuss the last step of product development. Software developers can use the slides in this template in their work when creating and running software.

Startup executives can use this template when preparing for a meeting with investors. You can provide detailed information about the final development process of your software product.

Deployment Process is a professional and modern template that contains six stylish and fully editable slides. You can change the type and size of the font, color and position of the infographic yourself. This template will be useful for IT companies, programmers, team leaders and startups. Deployment Process template will complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.