Content Marketing Matrix

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Great marketing starts with great content, and great content needs purpose, direction and goals. The matrix is a framework to help direct your marketing based on your specific content goals, whether you want to entertain, inspire, educate or convince your audience. It’s a tool that guides customers along their path to purchase in the most direct and effective way.

The content marketing matrix was originally designed by SmartInsights as a way to help content marketers decide who their target audience is and which content they should create for which platforms. It is a useful cheatsheet that marketing teams can consult when they are planning out a digital marketing strategy. This content mapping tool is a framework for everything from social media posts and videos, to articles and photos. It was created to help businesses think creatively when planning their future content.

The objective of the content marketing matrix is to pair content with the most suitable platform and format. It can help you to audit your pre-existing content as well as plan for upcoming content creation. With the appropriate amount of organisation and creative thinking, content can be your number one strategy for generating leads. It encourages sharing on social media and creates backlinks on your website. Nurturing the content on your website by using the correct format and reaching the desired target audience can be a game changer for your online business.

Start by considering whether your product, service, or subscription is an emotional or rational driven purchase. This is an important categorisation as it will determine how your content will work within the marketing matrix. Next you must consider what outcome you would like from the content you are producing. Are you promoting a new product, or influencing consumers to buy a product? Are you looking to spread informative content? Are your target audiences experts or novices in your industry? The type of content you produce will be based on which section of the matrix you think the answers to these questions fit.

Content marketing matrix helps marketers generate ideas for the most engaging content types for their audiences. The matrix is a framework to help direct marketing based on specific content goals. A good way to develop a content marketing strategy.

The content marketing matrix template is a professional PowerPoint presentation template containing 4 slides about content marketing matrix. The content marketing matrix provides a visual representation of the customer marketing life cycle in the horizontal axis and the customer emotional and rational response to the content in the vertical axis.

Mapping in the content marketing media matrix is related to the effort of creating the content media assets and the attention or exposure required of the audience to get the most of the content. The goal of the content is to have an emotional effect over the audience and help them to move through the funnel.

This template will be useful to marketers and specialists of the advertising department. You can use the slides of this template when preparing your marketing strategy. Also, this template will be useful to company managers when preparing a company development strategy. You can use the slides of this template to supplement your overall information strategy about your marketing strategy.

Product Managers can also use this pattern when preparing for a meeting with a sales managers team. You can prepare information about a new product, present it strengths and weaknesses and offer your vision to promote the new product to the market.

Ideal for use by marketers, strategic planners, business strategist and team leads. The template contains 100% editable PowerPoint icons. You can modify the text and color and scale the icons. Impress your audience with this professional content marketing matrix PowerPoint template and create presentation that appeals to global audiences.