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Do you always manage to do all your work tasks on time? Did you have a few hours until the end of the project, and you haven’t even done half of it yet? Then time management is what you need. Time management is the strategy of planning out your available time and controlling the amount of time you spend on specific tasks in order to work more efficiently. Effective time management comes easier to some people than to others, but everyone can develop habits to improve their time management skills. This time management template is easily customizable. With four slides and diversity of management plans, the template is a great help to business owners and managers.  As well as all the industrial and development procedures are also presentable through this slide.

The first slide consists of a monthly time schedule of different tasks. When it should start and how many months are available for the completion of a particular task. It also contains notes like idea development, submission date, and results. This slide will primarily be useful to project managers. You can always control the timing of the project and, if necessary, redirect resources to complete the project on time. This slide will also be useful for executive assistants when scheduling their boss meetings. You can send a daily plan of meetings in a convenient form to the manager so that he can always see what meetings he still has during the day. The second slide represents a weekly schedule for the jobs, their priority level, maximum hours available and status of completion. This slide uses part of the Eisenhower Matrix. This slide will be useful for public relations managers. You can schedule meetings and prioritize each one. The third slide is a representation of the development of the procedure. market research, Idea development, execution, backend development, testing, and implementation come in this portion. Dividing tasks into categories, each of which has its own color, helps to visually determine with which department it is necessary to work more fruitfully today. This slide will be useful for managers at all levels. This slide can also be used by business coaches to prepare their courses on effective time management. The fourth slide is a weekly schedule consisting of smaller tasks broken down from a big project. Simply, when they should start and when they should end in a weekly manner. This slide combines the functions of a Gantt chart. You can easily control the execution of tasks that can happen not only sequentially, but also in parallel. This slide can be useful for marketers when analyzing the results of an existing advertising campaign. For example, you can specify the days on which Facebook ads will appear, then radio ads, and the days on which these ads will be shown on these two channels.

Consisting of distinctive, pleasant-looking colors, this template is a basic need of every company or institution. As it provides you with the best time management plan, therefore highlighting every individual’s task and the specified time period to complete within. Time Management Template is made using a large number of infographics and tables, allowing you to create unique and professional presentations. You can independently edit the template to suit your corporate requirements. This template will primarily be useful to all department heads, sales and purchasing managers, marketers and specialists in the planning department.