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In modern life, it is impossible to remember everything and keep track of everything without the help of special tools and techniques. One such tool is notepad. In a notebook, you can keep a list of important things and appointments. Scrapbooks allow you to structure your data.

By maintaining your electronic notebook, it will be easier for you to manage your notes. Electronic notebooks really have countless advantages over traditional paper ones. They are available on any device – from mobile gadgets to personal computers, always at hand and are equally well suited for both text recordings and for storing voice notes, photos and videos, making to-do lists, recording momentary thoughts and fresh ideas. With their help, you can conveniently organize and structure information, quickly find the notes you need, schedule tasks, create reminders and combine all notes in one application. You can prepare assignments for your employees and submit them using a presentation template. Template slides styled as notebook pages will convey your message to your audience.

The Notes Template consists of four slides. This template will be useful for scrum masters when they prepare weekly sprints. It can indicate user stories, what tasks are in the process, what has been sent for testing, what has already been done. You can use these notes in your presentations to add appeal and draw your audience’s attention to important aspects of your presentation. You can use a sticky note to draw attention to what experts say or key data on a slide.

Vivid notes help draw attention to important events or dates. Executive Assistants can use the slides in this template to prepare reminders for their bosses. You can send the necessary information when your supervisor is on a business trip. Stylized slides will help him better remember the information you conveyed. Sales managers can use these sticky notes to prepare for a meeting with a customer.

You can create a short meeting plan and send it to the client so they can get ready so that you both don’t waste time meeting again. You can also use the notes from this slide if you need to draw the audience’s attention to some of the numbers from your presentation. You can use them in preparing your courses and lectures by focusing the audience’s attention on the terms and rules of the courses. You can also use these notes when preparing instructions to make them look more attractive. Journalists can use this template when preparing a news release. You can independently change the arrangement of blocks and the colour scheme of the slides in accordance with your corporate colours. This template will be useful for all project managers, product managers, team leaders and business coaches. Notes Template will organically complement your old presentations and enlarge your collection of professional presentations.