Resource Planning

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Any company in its activities deals with resource planning. The correct distribution of resources (material, monetary, human) leads to a reduction in costs, and therefore to an increase in profits. Resource planners are always highly regarded in the company. If you are interested in the Resource Planning Template, then you are one of these specialists. Do you need to present the data of your resource planning for guidance beautifully and clearly? Please, we are always happy to help you.

Here is a presentation template that contains a large number of infographics, tables and diagrams. But let’s take it in order and start with the first slide. The table on the first slide will help you present your activities for the distribution of your resources. The table contains columns with the current distribution of resources, the plan for the next year, and the plan for the second year of work. Each period includes several categories. The second slide immediately draws our attention to intersecting circles. It is in the intersection planes that the optimal solutions for the distribution of resources are found. Here you can display the various departments of the company that interacts with each other to solve their tasks. On the right side are three blocks with icons and bulleted lists to describe the explanations for your plan. The next slide is some transformation of the timeline. Here, every aspect of your resource allocation plan is presented as a sequential action that occurs after the end of the previous one. Stylish colored rectangles and icons complement each other perfectly. The last slide brings to the fore the main aspect and connects it with dotted lines with other events. These lines show the relationship and the impact of interim solutions on the main goal of the plan – optimizing resource use. The total number of intermediate solutions is eight. All of them are divided into four groups, which consist of two elements. Each group has its own color. If necessary, you can easily change the color or remove unnecessary solutions. In this case, the overall integrity of the slide is not violated.

The cool colors that dominate this presentation make its style more rigorous. It is such a color scheme that allows the speaker to be perceived by the audience as an expert in their field. The proper use of infographics along with tables and color forms gives the presentation a certain style that matches current trends. The font sizes used in the presentation are 12 and 14 sizes. The main fonts are Lato, Lato Black, and Calibri, Calibri Light. I would like to note some asymmetry, which was used to create the timeline in the third slide. It allows you to highlight data from a familiar location and attract the attention of an audience. Resource Planning Template is a presentation for all who need help in providing their plan for optimizing the distribution of company resources.