Kanban Board Project Management

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Kanban boards ensure visualization of your entire team’s work, standardization of workflow, and identification of any blockers or dependencies for a quick resolution. A physical board can simply be a sticky note on a whiteboard, whereas virtual boards are online boards that can be created using drag-and-drop functionality.

The basic version of a Kanban board consists of a 3-step workflow: To Do, In Progress, and Completed. However, depending on the general structure or size of your team and the objective of the tasks at hand, you can map the workflow to meet your specific requirements. Since an online Kanban board allows you to easily collaborate on various projects from multiple locations, your team can communicate amongst each other in real-time and maintain complete work transparency.

Kanban, in Japanese, literally translates to visual signal – which is especially fitting, since you use cards to represent work items on the board. The Kanban cards should contain detailed information about every work item, so the entire team has complete clarity on what exactly the task entails, who the task is assigned to, the estimated time the task should take and so on. In a virtual board, you can also add digital files, like screenshots, and other important technical details, that can prove to be valuable to the team members working on the task.

A Kanban board is often used to organize and schedule work. It ensures efficiency, maximum productivity and a reduction of wasted time. It’s also a great way to visualize the amount of work that needs to be completed. If you’re looking to streamline the processes of your team, using a Kanban board template is the best path forward.

This PowerPoint template follows the original format of a Kanban board. Each slide is divided into three columns: a to-do column, an in-progress column and a done column. Using these visual slides, you can determine which tasks belong in which column and update with ease as each task moves to completion.

This template will be primarily useful for project managers. You can use the slides of this template during weekly meetings with the key project executors and show the changes as the project progresses. Also, this template will be useful for business trainers when preparing their course on lean manufacturing or project management.

Team leaders, product owners, and scrum masters can use the slides in this template to prepare for their weekly sprints with development teams. You can visualize the progress of work on each user story and visualize where each of the user stories is.

Also, this template will be useful for managers of manufacturing enterprises. Team leaders can use the slides in this template to provide a weekly production progress report. For example, you can specify how many parts are in the works, how many are due, and how many are being finalized.

The slides include special iconography for each column and sticky notes to represent tasks. This overall graphical approach is perfect to use day-to-day and also present at executive meetings. Kanban board templates are often utilized by project management teams, software and technology teams, operations and product development teams. Continuously improve workflows with ease when using this Kanban board project template.

If necessary, you can independently change the size and color of the infographics, as well as change the arrangement of text boxes according to your corporate needs. Kanban Board Project Management will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.