Modern Fishbone Diagram

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If your presentation requires you to discuss the causes and effects of something or simply workout on the root cause of various effects, then using the modern fishbone diagrams templates of the powerpoint is the best decision you will make. For a visual presentation that intrigues the audiences to brainstorms as well as organize the ideas in the form of an interconnected mind map at the same time, nothing better than these free templates come in handy. These modern fishbone diagrams are free of cost on powerpoint and have a wide variety of designs for you to pick and choose one that suits your presentation’s theme and its purpose the most.

Represent a process of the causes leading to various effects in the form a fish’s skeleton, a fish’s body starting from the causes from tail to ending with the results and effects on the fish’s mouth, or simply represent your ideas in a subtler fishbone diagram that looks like a table. You can customize this diagram as much as you want as per your personal needs and can also add texts and images to it to make your presentation clearer for the audience.