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What makes a good plan different from a bad plan? A good plan always has a detailed structure, step-by-step instructions, and time for each stage of the plan. You’ve probably noticed that with a detailed plan, you don’t forget any little things. For example, you decided to go to the store for a week’s shopping, and in order not to forget anything, wrote a detailed plan. You need to buy bread, ham, eggs, cheese, tea and coffee, some fish, pasta, muffins, apples, pizza, nuts, bananas, chicken, salad, tomato. When you come to the store, you will not forget to buy anything. But there is one drawback in this regard. Which one? You have mixed products. Therefore, you will have to go back to the fruit department to buy bananas. After purchasing the ham, you will need to return to buy the chicken. Such a plan is not ideal and you will spend more time and effort. When planning, you must consider all possible actions for each of the stages. Let’s go back to our grocery shopping example. You need to mentally visualize the location of the departments in your supermarket and make a shopping list according to the location of the departments. Then, for each department, define a product group. This will save you time and effort. After all, you must agree that it is better to move products on a piece of paper or a phone screen than to carry them in a cart throughout the supermarket. For such purposes, you must use a step-by-step plan. This method also applies to business. It is especially important when building a logistics supply chain.

The first slide is presented as a ladder and allows you to describe each step in your plan. The steps of the plan can include such stages – Planning, Development, Testing, Integration and execution, Operation and Maintenance. This slide will be useful for the planning department. Also, this slide can be used by the developers of the new product. The second slide can be used by product managers and startups. You can describe the main stages of your business plan. The next slide is designed as a timeline. This slide can be used by marketers and ad agencies when presenting their product promotion strategy to a client. You can also use the slide when preparing the meeting plan. The last slide can be used by site developers in preparing the site creation process. Also, this slide will be useful for business trainers and university teachers. You can use this slide when explaining any sequential process or cause and effect relationship.

 Steps Template is designed in a modern style and bright colors scheme. If necessary, you can edit the slide objects yourself. The slide will be useful for economists, labor protection specialists, purchasing managers, marketers and logisticians. This template will organically complement your old presentation collections and breathe modern design trends into them.