Flower Petal

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All of us have faced continuously repeating processes. It can be a change of seasons, day and night, the water cycle. The same processes exist in business. For example, it can be repetitive operations for processing a part or carrying out activities that are cyclical. How to present such a process in a form accessible to the audience? You can write these processes point by point or define a block diagram for the bottom. But sometimes there is a need to present such processes in an interesting and memorable form. What do you think about the shape of the flower and its petals? The flower immediately attracts the attention of the audience, and its round shape is immediately associated with repetitive processes and cyclicality. You can imagine all the necessary processes on the flower petals – just add petals to the flower. Flower petals can be numbered to make it clear which process is the main one. You can also choose a different colour for any petal or group processes according to a colour scheme. This form of information presentation will be understandable and will interest the audience.

Flower Petal template consists of four professional slides, each with stylish infographics. The first slide of this template contains a flower and five petals infographic. On the left side of this slide are charts that display the data for each petal. This slide will be useful for economists and purchasing managers. For example, you can present your costs for each of the categories. You can also use this slide when preparing a production estimate for a product. The next slide will be useful for marketers when preparing an advertising campaign plan. You can display your product advertising channels on each of the six petals and give them a short description. For example, you can specify social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, Twitter, SnapChat. The next slide can be used by engineers when preparing instructions for working with new equipment. You can describe up to eight operations with the equipment. Also, this slide will be useful for quality specialists. For example, you can present your quality control instructions to be followed at each stage of the job. The last slide can be used by purchasing managers when preparing their purchasing strategy. Also, this slide can be used by logistics managers when preparing a report on the supply chain of products. Startups can use this template to prepare for their investor meeting. This template can be used by business coaches and university teachers when preparing their courses. Also, this template will be useful for company leaders in preparation for a strategic session with shareholders. If necessary, you can independently change the size, position, colour of infographics and text boxes. Flower Petal template will organically complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.