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The first slide that your audience gets to view is your table of contents. It is an important part because it sets the theme of your complete presentation and provides a road map for the readers. Table of contents helps you set the stage before you actually begin the topic.

First impression is the last impression, remember? Well, we care about your first impressions and hence came with some unique yet elegant table of content templates for you. You can now forget about those old fashioned boring table of contents. Our template is fully packed with 4 different styles that make you look like an out of the box thinker. 

Why do you need to download our template? Well not only does it combines innovation and eye-appealing colors, but it even provides you to add images here and there so you can help your audience readily understand the topic. 4 slides with a vertically grouped list to illustrate your ideas.

The templates were created to attract the audience with professional colors. Our template provides you complete control over the designs. You can move and change the texts, customize the colors and can even add more options, all based on your needs.