Sales Methods

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Companies implement sales methodologies in their organizations to enable predictability and turn uncertain chaos into guaranteed success. When you find a process that works, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time. That said, there is more than one system for selling, and what works for one company might be a total misfire for another. One of the most commonly-used methodologies, target account selling is ideal for breaking down large deals into key components. Each sales rep focuses on a handful of accounts rather than countless opportunities. The idea is that they can build stronger relationships within each of their accounts, get to know the potential client’s needs inside and out. Another sales method is called SPIN stands for Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff, and focuses on leading the conversation with the right questions at each of these stages. During the Situation phase, sales reps are looking closely at the buyer’s current process and resources. During the Problem stage, your goal is to get your prospect to point out their own problems. The Implication phase helps the prospect to see the impact their problems create. If the issue is not resolved, what will happen? At the Need-Payoff stage, your prospect will recognize the benefits and value of your product before you have a chance to tell them, if you have done your job well. Rather than selling products or services, the Value Selling methodology delivers the value or benefit of your product, not the product itself. Value is the difference between the price the customer pays and the benefits they receive. The greater the benefits they receive for the price, the more valuable they perceive the product to be. And when you build enough value, price becomes less important. Similar to value selling, solution selling focuses on problem-solving at large, not on the product itself. The solutions are usually highly-customized products or services based on each customer’s needs. There are also other sales methods such as Solution Selling, Sandler Selling System, Conceptual Selling, Inbound Selling.

The Sales Methods template contains a lot of infographics and is made in bright colors. This template will be primarily useful for sales managers. You can use this template when preparing your sales strategy. Also, the sales director can prepare sales goals for the sales managers. Marketing professionals and sales managers can work together to develop an action plan to enter new markets. Also, directors of companies can use this template when preparing for a strategic session with shareholders. Startups and investment companies can also use the slides of this template to prepare for their meeting with potential investors. Business coaches can use this template when preparing their sales courses. You can change the size and position of the blocks, color and font type according to your corporate requirements. The slides of this template will organically complement your old presentations.