Extreme Programming

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Extreme Programming is an agile software development framework that aims to produce higher quality software, and higher quality of life for the development team. Extreme Programming is the most specific of the agile frameworks regarding appropriate engineering practices for software development.

Software development is inherently a team sport that relies on communication to transfer knowledge from one team member to everyone else on the team. Extreme Programming stresses the importance of the appropriate kind of communication – face to face discussion with the aid of a white board or other drawing mechanism.

The core of Extreme Programming is the interconnected set of software development practices listed below. While it is possible to do these practices in isolation, many teams have found some practices reinforce the others and should be done in conjunction to fully eliminate the risks you often face in software development.

Since communication is one of the five values of Extreme Programming  and most people agree that face to face conversation is the best form of communication, have your team sit together in the same space without barriers to communication.

The Extreme Programming Customer is expected to be actively engaged on the project and ideally becomes part of the team. Your team needs to make sure that you get a complete picture of the business perspective, but have some means of dealing with conflicts in that information so that you can get clear direction.

To describe Extreme Programming in terms of a lifecycle it is probably most appropriate to revisit the concept of the Weekly Cycle and Quarterly Cycle. Start off by describing the desired results of the project by having customers define a set of stories. As these stories are being created, the team estimates the size of each story. This size estimate, along with relative benefit as estimated by the customer can provide an indication of relative value which the customer can use to determine priority of the stories. At the end of the week, the team and customer review progress to date and the customer can decide whether the project should continue, or if sufficient value has been delivered.

This template will be primarily useful for IT leaders when preparing business processes and instructions for software development. You can describe in detail the algorithms of your employees’ actions at each stage of software development.

This template can also be used by team leaders and product owners when discussing design results in the weekly sprints with the developer program. You can use this template when discussing user stories and the true value for each one.

Also, this template can be used by university teachers when preparing courses on flexible control systems or programming methods.

Extreme Programming Template is a stylish and professional template that contains four slides. All slides in the template can be easily customized to suit your corporate color requirements. Our professionally designed Extreme Programming template will be useful for heads of IT companies, team leaders and programmers. This template’s slides will be a great addition to your professional presentation collection.