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A training plan is a detailed document that guides the planning and delivery of instruction. Whether training people one-on-one or in groups, in person or online, a well-developed training plan allows you to prepare for and deliver thorough and effective classes. Some key things to remember are that you want to be detailed, organized, and realistic. In order to conduct effective training sessions, you need to keep in mind the objectives of your business or organization. These goals should guide you as you develop your training plan. Make it clear to your trainees that there will be tangible benefits that each of them will gain by completing the training. Outline the skills, information, and certifications that participants will gain by undergoing the training. These might include mastery of specific software applications, detailed knowledge of company policies and procedures, or enhanced customer service skills. Include in your plan the specific outcomes you want the training to achieve. For example, you might announce that upon graduation, we will have five new employees ready to start their first week in the accounting department. A good training plan will indicate exactly how you will accomplish your goals. You should indicate how long training will last, how many sessions will occur, and what will happen during each session. Include in your training plan a list of lessons complete with lesson objectives, specific activities and assessment plans, which may include pre-and post-tests, class discussions, or group activities. Figure out the length of each lesson. Your training plan should include ways that the trainers can evaluate the training as it progresses. There should be clear benchmarks that measure the effectiveness of the training. Monitor progress and report outstanding achievements to your students. Your training plan should be a comprehensive document that will make it simple for others to follow your instructions. Therefore, you should indicate exactly how to prepare for training sessions. Be as specific as possible, so that other trainers will have a clear idea of ​​how to accomplish the goals.

The Training Plan template consists of five modern professional slides. This template will be primarily useful for business trainers and teachers when preparing various courses. You can use the slides in this template to summarize your course. You can also control the course of training according to the original plan. This template will be useful for HR managers when preparing corporate training. You can also use this template when teaching new employees about the culture and responsibilities of the new position. Labour professionals can also use this slide when preparing a fire safety or hazardous goods briefing plan. Also, this template will be useful for school and kindergarten teachers when developing programs for child development. University students can use this template when preparing their individualized study plan. All slide elements are easy to edit and you can independently edit the template according to your requirements.